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About Me

I am passionate about documenting and helping to preserve the traditional cultures of the world through my paintings, especially those that are in peril of disappearing because of outside pressures or governmental policies. I want to showcase the dignity and beauty of people and places that might otherwise be overlooked.

When I am not creating, I love to be in the outdoors hiking, backpacking, snorkeling, or rock climbing. Painting is my greatest artistic passion, but I also love sewing and embroidery, leather-working, and dabbling in all sorts of things. 


My grandmother nurtured my creativity and taught me to paint at a young age. I studied printmaking and Spanish at Northern Arizona University, graduating with a BLA in 2003.


I am from beautiful Flagstaff, Arizona, but have lived outside of the United States since 2009 in various parts of Asia.

I am married to a wonderful man and have two daughters I am extremely proud of. 

photo of Joy Bostwick
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