2018 - present


April, 2020

I've always loved watercolors, but as an oil painter, they intimidated me because the process is so different. But in 2018 I was faced with the challenge of having to ship 60 large oil paintings across the world because of an unplanned move due to political instability where we were living in Asia. I decided I never wanted to have to do that again. Wanting to work in a medium that was more compatible with our mobile lifestyle, watercolor would be the perfect medium. I spent the next year teaching myself to paint with watercolors. After several months I had fallen in love with the process and was happy with the outcome as well. Some day I am sure I will pull out my oil paints again, but for now I am loving watercolors.

The majority of my paintings depict the Uyghur people, who we had the privilege to live among for many years. Currently they are facing cultural genocide. They are painted as terrorists who need to be reformed. This is not at all an accurate picture of the kind and intelligent people I came to know. I hope to tell a different story with my paintings. I hope to help the world see their humanity and their dignity; to understand that they are a people worth protecting.