2018 - present


April, 2020

I've always loved watercolors, but as an oil painter, they intimidated me because the process is so different. But in 2018 I was faced with the challenge of having to ship all 60 some of my large oil paintings across the world because of an unplanned move due to political instability where we were living in Asia. I decided I never wanted to have to do that again. Because of our mobile lifestyle, watercolor would be the perfect medium, if only I could be happy with the outcome. In our next location it took me months to procure the necessary supplies for oil painting, and in the meantime I had a travel set of watercolors with me. So I began seeing what I could do. At first I hated it, but after several months I had fallen in love with the process and was happy with the outcome as well. Some day I am sure I will pull out my oil paints again, but for now I am loving watercolors.